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*~*ChAd MiChAeL MuRrAy*~*
The Original British CMM Fansite

Check out this Cutie!!

~MuRrAy aLErT!~
  That's right this guy is oh soo fine. find out more on Chad here! He's been on many hit shows such as Gilmore Girls as one tough guy.He played a major role on Dawson's Creek as Charlie Todd who two times Jen Lindley (Michelle Williams- Dick) and then falls later in the show for Joey Potter (Katie Holmes-The Gift). Chad had a small role in the hit T.V show C.S.I as a one episode guest.
Chad has been in the limelight a lot in the States, having a T.V movie called "The Lone Ranger" and just recently,"Freaky Friday" starring Jamie Lee Curtis has hit the cinemas. It doesn't stop there.. Oh no. Chads newest film is a modern day version of "The Cinderella Story" also starring is Lizzie Mc Quire star, Hilary Duff.
Fans of "Dawson's Creek" do not dispear! Something amazing is heading on the Warner Brother's channel. Chad is starring in the new tv show "One Tree Hill" and it's actually filmed in the same location as did "Dawson's Creek" so there will be many similar surroundings which was on "Dawson's Creek". This is definitely going to be a hit show and no doubt about it.. Chad's going to get a boost from this! So everyone grab Chad while you can, before he gets really famous!

*~*ChAdS fAvOuRiTe's*~*
Bands: Dave Matthews, Incubus
Ice cream: Mint Chocolate chip.
food: Chicken with french fries and spahetti and sausage.
Tv show: The Simpsons

Films: Fight club,Varsity Blues,Gladiator and Any Given Sunday

Book: "Catcher in the rye"- J.D Salinger

Sports:Played football, in high school and keeps fit by working out at the gym, inline skating, playing soccer, vollyball and basketball as well as football pick-up games


 Why not drop a letter to Chad, he'd be happy to hear from you!
*Chad Michael Murray*
11271 Ventura Blvd pmb 431
Studio city.CA 91604



 Full Name: Chad Michael Murray


~Height: 6 ft

~Hometown: Buffalo, New York

~Marital Status:Unknown

~Birthday: August 24, 1981

~Eye color: blue

~sign: virgo

~hair: dirty blonde

~current residence: southern california

~siblings: Three brothers  that are: 15, 18, and 22. A  14 years old sister a half-brother who is six years old

~Pets: A pug called Gus and a cat named Jack.

~Relationships: Chad likes to keep his private life quiet and we should respect that. But there have been many talks about him and Erin Foster who he's been seen a lot with. Chad always says he doesn't have girlfriends but maybe that's just to keep us fans happy.

Other information:

*Strong believer of being drug free. "I always want kids to be allowed to have a chance or a shot in life."

*Ever wondered what Chad wore on weekends? Well he's a big fan of jeans, sleeveless shirts, t-shirts, and jean jackets

*Friends: Jared Padalecki (Dean on Gilmore Girls) also his best friend J.D. Pardo, who is also an up-and-coming actor.  (Both Chad and J.D. have the same manger)


Look back for updates.


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